Basic Information Followed in Feeding Cat Food for Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are omnivores and eat a ton of things. They can consume a few meats, a few vegetables, and a few natural products. A fundamental piece of their eating regimen incorporate strands in the wild, they get this from bugs. Therefore tamed pet hedgehogs need a high protein, high fiber, and low fat eating routine for them to stay sound.

Canned Food

Any dry cat food for the most part gives the fundamental nourishment they need, and can be utilized as their staple eating regimen. Be that as it may, make sure to focus on the fat substance of the cat food – light definitions are ideal. Hedgehogs are inclined to stoutness, which can prompt respiratory failures. Most wet cat food varieties have higher protein content than dry ones; however they can be utilized as a periodic treat for your hoard. A few proprietors have revealed that taking care of them wet cat food can influence their excrement. An African Hedgehog can likewise be given child food as an incidental treat.


Proprietors can take care of their hedgehog cooked chicken or turkey. Try not to take care of them different meats as may contain more fat than is best in best cat food for hedgehogs. Feed hedgies lean chicken parts, and try not to give them chicken skin.

Cat House


Feed your hedgehog carrots, peas, squash, yam, corn, turnip among different vegetables. Do this in moderate sums and in little divides. Try not to take care of your hedgie onions, garlic, and spices.

Organic products

Slashed natural products are great for the hedgehog’s eating routine. Pet hedgehogs can be taken care of certain berries, bananas and watermelon. Yet, observe that these are high in sugar, and hedgies might put on more weight when these are consumed often.

Hedgehog Feeds

A few stores offer hedgehog complete eating routine packs produced using grains and bug takes care of. These are great wellsprings of fiber and protein. Ribbon your pets suppers with a periodic bug treats accessible in stores, the most well-known of which are mealworms and cricket.

Hedgie No-No’s

It could be shrewder to realize which sorts of food you ought to try not to give your pet. The Hedgehog is lactose-narrow minded; do try not to take care of the hedgie dairy items as they could foster stomach issues. Try not to give your hedgehog nuts and seeds as these may cause gagging. Raisins and chocolate ought to likewise be kept away from as they are harmful to creatures. Never feed your pet low quality food or candy.