Kinds of Haunting in the Presence of Ghost

We all hear the word haunting or haunted but what does that really mean what it means when you state that home is haunted ask many people what a haunting is and they will tell you it’s somewhere which has a ghost. Well, the simple fact is if that was true almost every house would be haunted because almost all homes have a ghost there at one time or other. Spirits are usually all around us; we just notice them usually when they are attempting to make themselves known to us. There are various kinds of haunting, each one different than the next.

Let us talk about the various kinds. Now this is where some of you may disagree because I have heard different researchers break down the types differently and some who do not break them down in any way. One thing you will discover in this subject is that you will need to be tolerating of opinions which differ from your own. Until this becomes a proven science, some of us might be proven wrong about anything one day so always try and keep an open mind. Personally I have broken down haunting s into 6 types. Let us explore them.

Active Haunting

These haunting deals with the real Spirit with its whole consciousness seeking to socialize with you.  It is conscious of itself and of your existence and actively seeks to engage you. You find this a lot in paranormal investigating.

Residual Haunting

A residual haunting is essentially spirit energy that is been imprinted on a specific area and the real action repeats itself over and over without ever changing. Usually this is a result of something tragic happening at a specific location. The energy of the soul will show itself and replicate the same thing again and again. Perhaps it’s an apparition of a girl running in the woods. The genuine soul or consciousness of this woman is not there, just the clip of the last few minutes of life. This type is less common than type but you still run across it quite often in the event you explore a lot.

Poltergeist Activity

Now there’s a bit of Figuring out there as to what qualifies as poltergeist activity. A good deal of people will tell you it’s due to the powerful energies by pre-teen females that are capable of distributing their energies to make bodily events near them. Another speculation is they are irritated spirits that only want to harass you; hence the term poltergeist is German for noisy ghost. My personal opinion is that they are simply spirits which have learned to exploit and control enough energy to have the ability to manipulate physical objects in the living world. This could fall into one of those three less common occurrences.


Demons are things which have never lived on earth in human form. Some say they are extraterrestrial inter-dimensional creatures. Some will say how they can be an ET. Well, by definition an ET or Alien is categorized as a being not of the earth. If a demon never lived as a human in the world then by definition it would be an ET. Additionally, haunted house in Ohio could be an extraterrestrial being. Regardless of the film culture and ghost hunting shows on cable want you to think, demonic haunting are very rare.